Indian Muslim Delegates visiting the IMF

Ms Rubina Mazhar Director Talks About SAFA Hyderabad Zia Haq Mr Zubair Hudawi Registrar Darul Huda University Calicut Kerala Ms Shamina Shafique Veteran Congress Leader

IMF (UK) hosted a meeting on Wednesday, 17 October 2012 at IMF Hall in London with the Indian Muslim delegates visiting UK to learn about civil society developments affecting Muslim communities specifically as well as faith communities more generally – within the context of interfaith relations. This was held in conjuction with Faith Matters.

Recording of the event

IMF (UK) President Mr Shamsuddin Agha welcomed the delegates and briefed about the IMF activities and community involvement. Mr Irfan Mustafa, General Secretary IMF (UK) introduced delegates to the meeting.

Ms Shamina Shafique Veteran Congress Leader

Ms Shamina Shafiq

Ms Shamina Shafiq a member of the National Commission for Women, a national level organisation in India briefed the meeting about the NCW's work to protect and promote the interests of women and its role which includes reviewing and monitoring constitutional and legal safeguards for women in India; recommending legislative measures; ensuring that grievances are addressed and promoting the status of women through the advice it provides to the Indian government.

Ms Rubina Mazhar Director Talks About SAFA Hyderabad

Ms Rubina Mazhar

Director of SAFA, a leading social organisation based in Hyderabad, India advised that SAFA works to empower women, and especially urban illiterate women, to sustainable livelihoods. SAFA works on both economic empowerment as well as primary education programmes for women.

Zia Haq

Mr Zia Haq

Assistant Editor at the Hindustan Times who reports on issues related to minority affairs briefed the meeting on current political and social affairs about Muslims in India and referred the Sachar Commission report for social, educational and economic upliftment of the Muslims in India.

Mr Zubair Hudawi Registrar Darul Huda University Calicut Kerala

Mr Zubair Hudawi

representing the Darul Huda University, an Islamic University in Kerala briefed the meeting on their challenges to provide Islamic education with modern methods of teaching and recognition.

The meeting was attended by 50 British Muslim community leaders representing many organisation including Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) and Aligarh Muslim University Alumni Association (UK).

Mr Akhtar Mirza, Vice President thanked the delegates and community leaders for attending the meeting. After the meeting the delegates and community leaders attended a dinner.

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Eid-ul-Fitr 2012.

Eid 2012

The IMF organised an Eid-ul-Fitr celebration for 2011 awarding high achieving students who scored outstanding marks. Chief guest was Shri S. S. Sidhu of the High Commission of India with Mayor of Waltham Forest presenting.


Hasrat Mohani

Hasrat Mohani

The IMF held a successful event to celebrate the life of Poet and Freedom Fighter Hasrat Mohani on 30th June 2012. Two papers were presented; by renowned broadcaster Mr Razali Abidi and Mr Baiz of Bangalore, followed by Mushaira and a meal.

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Faiz Tribute


The President of the IMF, Shamsuddin Agha organised an elaborate event at the Federation to pay tribute to Faiz on the occasion of his centenary. The event was well attended by members and some very high profile guests. The Deputy Speaker of the Indian Parliament – the Raj Sabha Mr Rehman Khan.

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Eid Milan 2010

Eid-ul-Fitr Celebrations for 2010. A well received event with over 120 guests. Former Mayor Masood Ahmed and several local councillors joined us at end of Ramadan celebrations. Eid Milan 2010 was celebrated with awards given to local high achievers.

Rahman Khan

The Indian Muslim Federation welcomed Rahman Khan, Deputy Chairman Upper House of Indian Parliament (Rajia Saba) on his visit the United Kingdom. Held on 23rd July 2010. Rahman Khan spoke well on the prospects and recent successes of India.

Activist Dr Omar Khalidi

The IMF welcomed Indian Muslim American Writer Activist Academic Dr Omar Khalidi from MIT, Cambridge USA. Most well know for his influence in revoking a US visa for Chief Minister of Gujarat, Nahendra Modi in March 2005. Event held 11th July 2010.

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