Four Prominent Indian Muslims

Zia Haq Assistant Editor at the Hindustan Times Mr Zubair Hudawi Registrar Darul Huda University Calicut Kerala Ms Shamina Shafique National Commission for Women Ms Rubina Mazhar Director Talks About SAFA Hyderabad

Delegates visited the UK to learn about civil society developments affecting Muslim communities specifically as well as faith communities more generally โ€“ within the context of interfaith relations.

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Faiz Tribute

Seema Lodhi Irfan Mustafa, Vice President IMF Guests\

The President of the IMF, Shamsuddin Agha organised an elaborate event at the Federation to pay tribute to Faiz on the occasion of his centenary. The event was well attended by members and some very high profile guests. The Deputy Speaker of the Indian Parliament โ€“ the Raj Sabha Mr Rehman Khan.

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Eid 2014

A small function was arranged to mark the passing of Eid-ul-Fitr in 2014, with local Mayor Terry Wheeler presiding.

Eid 2011

Indian Muslim Federation organised an Eid-ul-Fitr celebration for 2011 award high achieving students who scored outstanding marks

Lord Gulam Noon

Lord Gulam Noon attendees Lord Ghulam Noon Noon Mayor Young Mayor Waltham Forest

The IMF organised a special dinner to celebrate and honour the successes of the philanthropist businessman Sir Ghulam Noon, who is now known as Lord Ghulam Noon. Shamsuddin Agha and Councillor Masood Ahmed were the main organisers of this event which took place at the Walthamstow Assembley Hall.

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Eid Milan 2010

Eid-ul-Fitr Celebrations for 2010. A well received event with over 120 guests. Former Mayor Masood Ahmed and several local councillors joined us at end of Ramadan celebrations. Eid Milan 2010 was celebrated with awards given to local high achievers.

Rahman Khan

The Indian Muslim Federation welcomed Rahman Khan, Deputy Chairman Upper House of Indian Parliament (Rajia Saba) on his visit the United Kingdom. Held on 23rd July 2010. Rahman Khan spoke well on the prospects and recent successes of India.

Activist Dr Omar Khalidi

The IMF welcomed Indian Muslim American Writer Activist Academic Dr Omar Khalidi from MIT, Cambridge USA. Most well known for his influencing of events in March 2005, speaking on TV programs as to the mysterious whereabouts of the Blue "Hope" diamond. Event held 11th July 2010.

Asghar Ali Engineer

The IMF welcomed anti-communal advocate Dr Asghar Ali Engineer for a talk on 13th June 2010

United Nations Geneva Visit 2000

Pictures of our visit to the United Nations Geneva Forum 2000

Eid Milan 2009

Eid Milan 2009, Awarding High Achievers

Former Facilities

Pictures of our former facilities


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